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A Reception Featuring James S. Rosebush, Author of ''True Reagan''

April 15, 2016 As a Senior Advisor to Ronald Reagan as well as Chief of Staff to Nancy Reagan, James Rosebush had unique access to the 40th President of the United States. In True Reagan: What Made Ronald Reagan Great and Why It Matters, he now shares his observations that reveal the heart of the man – the thinking, beliefs, and character that many have declared "mysterious and unknowable." Read more

Promoting Religious Freedom in South Asia

March 2, 2016 South Asia is home to some of the world’s most persecuted people. In 2013, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka all ranked among the top 10 violators of religious freedom in Asia according to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. Pakistan’s continued use of blasphemy laws, the Indian government’s inadequate strategy to address tensions among religious minorities, and the killing of atheist journalists in Bangladesh highlight just some of the myriad of challenges facing South Asia. Read more

The FCC and Internet Regulation: A First Year Report Card

February 27, 2016 On February 26, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission voted to reclassify broadband Internet access as a common carrier service under the Communications Act of 1934, subjecting providers to a wide-ranging array of regulatory mandates and restrictions, including strict network neutrality requirements. Commissioner Ajit Pai strongly dissented from the FCC’s decision, warning of chilled innovation and decreased investment in broadband. Exactly one year later, Pai will assess the new rules and their effects so far, as well as the ongoing legal challenge to the rules now pending in federal court. We hope you can join us for this important address by a key player in this ongoing drama. Read more

Defeating Islamism in Britain: Assessing David Cameron’s Approach

February 26, 2016 Since becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain in 2010, David Cameron has been forced to confront the existence of a growing Islamist threat. The danger comes not just from Islamic State and al-Qaeda, but also their domestic sympathizers, who have attempted a series of attacks. Furthermore, approximately 800 hundred British residents and citizens have left the country to fight in Syria. Read more

The Myth of ''Ugly Disproportionalities'' in Life Without Parole Sentences

February 26, 2016 Critics argue that the American criminal justice system is rife with “ugly disproportionalities” and “brutal penalties on the undeserving.” Those same critics often point to the prevalence of the sentence of life without the possibility of parole (LWOP). The punishment, conceived decades ago as a substitute for the death penalty, scarcely exists in the rest of the world. Today, while capital punishment wanes in the United States, steadily increasing numbers of defendants are sentenced to LWOP. According to a recent ACLU Report, over 3,000 of the 50,000 inmates serving LWOP were convicted of “nonviolent” offenses. There is no uglier disproportionality than a defendant, guilty of a minor crime, banished to prison for the remainder of his life. Read more

Reviving America: How Repealing Obamacare, Replacing the Tax Code and Reforming The Fed Will Restore Hope and Prosperity

February 25, 2016 The United States has been through one of the most tumultuous decades in recent history. Polls show people on both sides of the ideological divide believe that the country has gone off track. If something isn’t done quickly, Americans face a bleak future – continuing decline and disarray in a world that grows ever more dangerous. Read more

Reassurance and Deterrence in the Baltics: Ensuring the U.S. and NATO Get It Right

February 17, 2016 Russia continues to pose an existential threat to the Baltic States. What steps must the United States and NATO take to reassure the Baltics and deter Russian aggression? How prepared is the alliance to defend against non-conventional threats, including cyber-attacks, irregular troops, propaganda, and cuts in energy supplies? What’s the view from the Baltic States themselves? How would our Nordic partners Finland and Sweden react to a Russian aggression against the Baltics? Join us for a panel discussion of this vitally important topic. Read more

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

February 13, 2016 The folly of expanding draft registration. John Allen Gay sees no reason … Read more

Trump Continues to Lead in South Carolina

February 13, 2016 If Trump is going to be stopped somewhere, it isn't going to be in South Carolina. Read more

The War Over American Identity: One Nation No More?

February 13, 2016 Seven years after Barack Obama first promised fundamental transformation, America’s very national identity has become a subject of controversy. It’s a debate conservatives should welcome on this anniversary of Lincoln’s birthday, especially as both parties decide on their nominee for this November’s presidential elections. Do we want to continue being the united constitutional republic of the first 200 years, or reject the assimilation model and evolve into a balkanized confederacy of separate, adversarial groups? Read more

By the Time I Got to Phoenix

February 12, 2016 This article from the March/April 2016 issue hasn’t yet been published online. For now, … Read more

View From Your Table

February 12, 2016 Charlottesville, Virginia Read more

How to Make Amends

February 12, 2016 Eve Tushnet shows that therapy and recovery are mere balms without the work of mercy. Read more

No End to War in Sight

February 12, 2016 How long can a Madisonian republic endure unceasing militarism? Read more

Bunnies Fire Back

February 12, 2016 Corporate bruiser running Catholic college suggests using metaphorical Glock to cull first-year 'bunnies' Read more

Laurus Review & Contest

February 12, 2016 Win one of 10 copies of Evgeny Vodolazkin's masterpiece Read more

Thomas Jefferson’s Trinity

February 12, 2016 A strange, out of place feeling at Monticello Read more

The Media Turns on a Media-Driven Candidate

February 12, 2016 The trouble with being a media-driven candidate is that it makes the candidate heavily dependent on continued positive coverage. Read more

Liberty’s Nemesis: The Unchecked Expansion of the State

February 12, 2016 If there has been a unifying theme of the Obama presidency, it is the inexorable growth of the administrative state. Its expansion has followed a pattern. First, expand federal powers beyond their constitutional limits. Second, delegate those powers to agencies and away from elected politicians in Congress. Third, insulate civil servants from politics and accountability. Since its introduction in American life by Woodrow Wilson in the 20th Century, the administrative state has steadily undermined democratic self-government, reduced the sphere of individual liberty, and burdened the free market and economic growth. Read more

A Stoic’s Empire

February 11, 2016 Seneca's musings on the tension between public and private life remain as approachable and fresh as they were two millennia ago. Read more

What Babbitt Says About 2016

February 11, 2016 The populist's fight against the establishment has its roots in the writings of Rousseau. Read more

Rubio’s Bad Foreign Policy Judgment

February 11, 2016 Like Clinton, he invokes his foreign policy record as if it were something to be proud of, but in the eyes of many Republicans it is exactly the opposite. Read more

Trump’s Support Keeps Growing

February 11, 2016 Trump's support has been consistently underestimated or dismissed, and yet it has continued to increase. Read more

Ta-Nehisi’s Voting Sanders

February 11, 2016 Leading black public intellectual feels the Bern Read more

Can the Iran Deal Stand?

February 10, 2016 In recent weeks, we have seen Iran seize 10 American sailors in the Persian Gulf, regain access to around $100 billion in unfrozen assets, and ramp up support for unpopular proxies throughout the region. This begs the question, how will an emboldened Iran, free of sanctions, act? What’s next for the Iran deal? Will it last or will it crumble? Join us as a panel of experts examines the viability of the Iran Deal and its various economic, political, and national security implications. Read more

The Great Flat Tax Debate

February 9, 2016 A business transfer tax (a BTT) is a flat rate consumption tax collected at the business level. A BTT has been proposed by Senators Cruz and Paul and was incorporated into now Speaker Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for America’s Future. It is sometimes called a business activity tax, a business flat tax or business consumption tax. Replacing the current tax system with a BTT would promote economic growth by reducing marginal tax rates and eliminating the double taxation of savings and investment. Some free market advocates, however, are critical of the BTT, calling it a value added tax (a VAT) and arguing that it would make it easier to raise taxes in the future. Join us as our panel explains what a BTT is and debates the pros and cons of this tax reform option. Read more

Australia’s Global Security and Defense Challenges

February 3, 2016 Read more

2016 Index of Economic Freedom: Promoting Economic Opportunity and Empowerment

February 2, 2016 The 2016 Index of Economic Freedom ( tracks the progress of economic freedom around the globe and documents the powerful positive impact of advancing economic liberty. The new edition of the Index. the 22nd produced since 1995, includes evaluations of economic conditions and government policies in 186 countries. Read more

The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West

January 29, 2016 Following World War II, America stood alone as the world’s premier military power. Yet its martial confidence contrasted vividly with its sense of cultural inferiority. Still looking to a defeated and dispirited Europe for intellectual and artistic guidance, burgeoning trans-national elite in New York and Washington embraced not only the war’s refugees, but also many of their ideas, and nothing has proven more pernicious than those of the Frankfurt School and its reactionary philosophy of “critical theory.” Critical Theory – like Pandora’s Box – released a horde of demons into the American psyche. When everything could be questioned, nothing could be real, and the muscular, confident empiricism that had just won the war gave way, in less than a generation, to a central-European nihilism celebrated on college campuses across the United States. Seizing the high ground of academe and the arts, the New Nihilists set about dissolving the bedrock of the country, from patriotism to marriage to the family to military service; they have sown (as Cardinal Bergoglio – now Pope Francis – once wrote of the Devil) “destruction, division, hatred, and calumny” – and all disguised as the search for truth. The Devil's Pleasure Palace examines how Critical Theory took root in America and, once established and gestated, how it has affected nearly every aspect of American life and society – and what can be done to stop it. Read more

The Florida Turnaround: A Discussion of Florida’s Economic Recovery and How the Sunshine State Created 1 Million Jobs in 5 Years

January 28, 2016 When Governor Rick Scott was sworn into office in 2011, Florida’s economy was severely damaged. The state had lost nearly 900,000 jobs, unemployment was at 11.2%, housing prices had plummeted 48%, and the heavily relied-on tourism industry had lost millions of tourists, resulting in a loss of tens of billions of dollars to the economy. Governor Scott’s plan was to get out of the way of business and support pro-growth, free market solutions. Instead of raising taxes and increasing regulations, Florida has cut taxes 50 times and cut nearly 3,200 regulations since Governor Scott took office. Instead of wasteful spending, Florida has invested in infrastructure that enables the free market to thrive. As a result, Florida has created 1 million jobs in 5 years, reduced unemployment to 5%, median home prices are up, and tourism is stronger than ever. Join us for a discussion on how Governor Scott helped lead this turnaround, and how this can be a model for other states to follow. Read more

Churchill’s Trial: Winston Churchill and the Salvation of Free Government

January 28, 2016 No statesman shaped the 20th Century more than Winston Churchill. To know the full Churchill is to understand the combination of boldness and caution, of assertiveness and humility, that defines statesmanship at its best. With fresh perspective and insights based on decades of studying and teaching Churchill, Larry P. Arnn explores the greatest challenges faced by Churchill over the course of his extraordinary career, both in war and peace – and always in the context of Churchill’s abiding dedication to constitutionalism. Read more

Margaret Thatcher - At Her Zenith: In London, Washington, and Moscow

January 27, 2016 In June 1983 Margaret Thatcher won the biggest increase in a government’s parliamentary majority in British electoral history. Over the next four years, as Charles Moore relates, Britain’s first woman prime minister changed the course of her country’s history and that of the world, often by sheer force of will. Mrs. Thatcher transformed relations with Europe, privatized the commanding heights of British industry and continued the reinvigoration of the British economy. For the only time since Churchill, she ensured that Britain had a central place in dealings between the superpowers. Read more

Antitrust Policy for a New Administration

January 26, 2016 Read more

Religious Liberty and the Future: Faith, Skepticism, Culture, and Hope

January 22, 2016 The future of religious liberty in the United States is, to say the least, in doubt. Court decisions, executive orders, proposed legislation, and harsh anti-religion rhetoric seem lined up against any who wish to fully live out their faith in business, professions, education, and the public square. Yet religious liberty – freedom of conscience – is our first freedom. Without it, all the other freedoms we enjoy – freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to petition the government, economic freedom – become meaningless. The situation is dire, but not hopeless. Join us as our panelists discuss what is being done and what can be done to turn the tide and restore religious liberty to all Americans. Read more

Beyond Obamacare: Respecting Conscience through Patient-Centered Health Care

January 21, 2016 The raft of new federal regulations imposed by Obamacare have increased coverage costs and created numerous problems for individuals and families. Among those problems are the law’s coercive mandates on morally fraught issues like abortion and contraception, which pose new threats to freedom of conscience. As a result, there is growing interest in alternatives to Obamacare that recognize the moral dimensions of medical care and health insurance and respect the conscience rights of patients and providers. Join us as an expert panel examines the rise of health care sharing ministries and other alternatives to Obamacare, explores the ways that innovative health care financing and delivery models could evolve over time, and discusses how lawmakers can craft patient-centered health reforms that respect conscience rights while simultaneously encouraging innovation, reducing costs and increasing access. Read more